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Our engineers are excited to provide you with their customized professional service and products for all of your live sound needs.

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Meet Our Sound Engineering Consultants


Ian Kuhn got his start in the music industry in the late 1980s as monitor engineer at the popular Chicago venue named Metro, cutting his teeth mixing hundreds of bands including Nirvana and Prince, Smashing Pumpkins and the Beastie Boys before being hired as monitor engineer by Dave Matthews Band in 1995, where he has been ever since

Ian has played an integral role in the audio industry as an early adopter of digital sound consoles and in-ear monitoring. He has also acted as a consultant to the major equipment manufacturers during the development of their products. Ian’s expansive touring experience has led him to develop methods of lessening the aggravations that some musicians find with in-ear monitoring from the sense of isolation to methods for better “feeling” the monitor mix. Ian is also an expert in wireless technologies and RF coordination and holds the highest class of amateur radio license available. Ian’s unique, extensive and awarded experience in monitor engineering makes him a perfect fit on our team to help our clients reach their goals.


Brandon Blackwell got his start in the music industry as an independent sound engineer mixing monitors for R&B singer Ne-Yo. After some time with Ne-Yo, he then went on his first tour with TLC as the direct headliner to New Kids On The Block’s, “Main Event Tour”. When the tour ended, everything started to fall in place and Brandon caught the touring bug! Since then, he has worked as monitor engineer for many of today’s biggest artists such as Tori Kelly, Ciara, PartyNextDoor, A$AP Rocky and Puff Daddy on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in 2016 and is currently on tour with Big Sean. Even though Brandon is known for being a monitor engineer, he really enjoys mixing Front of House and also RF Coordination.

Brandon received his Bachelor Degree in Show Production and Touring from Full Sail University. When not on the road, he gives back by consulting with bands and venues around the country by connecting them with engineers through his company Blackwell Productions. Brandon enjoys helping people who are interested in the technology we use for live shows and looks forward to assisting in helping you make your show the best it can be.


How Our Consultations Work

  • 30 minutes phone and/or video chat with mutual screen sharing
  • We can discuss anything related to your live production needs
  • $100 non-refundable fee will be collected at time of appointment request. The fee will be applied toward your product purchase within 45 days of the consultation.

Why Us?

You're getting the opportunity to get professional advice from the same sound engineers who are relied upon by the world's biggest artists.

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What our clients are saying

"Sound Engineering Consultants offers a truly unique experience for musicians of all levels to receive advice from the pros on how to reach their goals with the right equipment to make their show a success. We are excited to partner with Musicians Hearing Solutions to offer Shure's product portfolio through such a personalized experience."

~ Audra Norville, PES

About Sound Engineering Consultants

Our mission is to provide personal, customized solutions for live performances, including in-ear monitor kits, microphones and an array of other products offered by the world’s leading manufacturers, including Shure and Sennheiser.

  • We are the first to provide you the opportunity to consult with a world renowned sound engineering team.
  • Our combined backgrounds of domestic and international touring offer over 35 years of monitor engineering experience for the world’s biggest artists, such as Dave Matthews Band, Big Sean, P Diddy, NeYo, amongst many others.
  • Our monitor engineers are excited to provide you with their customized professional service and products for all of your live sound needs.

Sound Engineering Consultants is a natural extension of Musicians Hearing Solutions® founded by Dr. Julie Glick, Au.D.. Since its inception in 2010, Musicians Hearing Solutions has become the premier boutique center for all musicians, broadcast personnel and audio enthusiasts to learn about and select the right in-ear monitors from a variety of top of the line in-ear manufacturers.