Most IEMs Jerry Harvey designs have a live rock and roll tuning with a little more emphasis on the lows and low mids, accurate but warm. The bass response of The Layla when turned down is perfectly flat and when fully turned up has +13db of boostat 60Hz.The Layla, named after possibly the most famous love song in history by Eric Clapton,  also has the most sophisticated crossover network ever put into a IEM. The shape of all crossover filters are all 4th order. This crossover circuit combined with the Freqphase waveguide and new proprietary quad drivers deliver an audio quality that will truly put you at the mix position in the recording studio whether it's hearing exactly what the mixer/producer and band wanted you to hear, mixing your own tracks or performing live

The Layla features:

  • Full Carbon Fiber body with “Burnt” Titanium Bezel and Carbon Fiber insert
  • All new Proprietary Driver designs
  • 12 Driver, Quad Low, Quad Mid, Quad High, design
  • StainlessSteel Tube Waveguide
  • Adjustable Bass
  • Custom Full Carbon Fiber and Black Aluminum Carrying Case
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