Hearing Aids



With nineteen years of experience as an audiologist, Dr. Glick not only serves the most discriminating listeners performing on stage, but also has extensive experience dispensing hearing aids. As a former representative for one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, she was responsible for training fellow audiologists on the latest digital hearing technology. Dr. Glick has also served as director of the hearing instrument division at large private practices and brings to you a unique and critical understanding of sound quality and rehabilitation to ensure your success by providing the best solution for your hearing needs.

Although hearing aids do not provide normal hearing, the technology has improved dramatically in the last few years. With improved cosmetics and more advanced technology, we can now provide a clearer sound and better comprehension in noise. We offer digital hearing aids from a variety of top of the line manufacturers in both behind the ear and in the ear models. We provide options for those who prefer good sound quality in an affordable hearing aid and to those who prefer the highest level of technology.

We offer a complete selection of hearing instruments for all types of losses. Styles range from very small in the ear instruments to the new open products, small ultra slim behind the ear instruments which are extremely comfortable and sound very natural.

Many hearing instruments now connect wirelessly to cell phones, landline phones, TVs as well as other blue tooth devices. Dr. Glick will help you decide what will be the best instruments for you based on your listening needs and your budget.