How will I be able to demo a custom product?

We have universal fit models of all of the custom in-ear monitors we carry so you can easily spend time listening to ensure you are choosing the right product to meet your needs

Are in-ear monitors also used as earphones?

Yes! In-ear monitors are custom earphones and can be used with any music player. They provide 26dB of passive noise isolation, are custom made for comfort and offer the best sound quality on the market

Is there a separate impression fee for musician earplugs, sleep plugs or sleeves?  

No, impressions, initial and follow-up visits are included in the cost

Do I need to schedule an appointment or can I just stop by?  

You will need an appointment so please call or request an appointment on our website to schedule

What is the fit warranty for custom products?  

All manufacturers offer a 30-day remake policy

What is the turn around time for musicians earplugs?  

Build time is 2-3 weeks. Rush options are available for an extra fee

What is the turn around time for custom in-ear monitors?  

It depends on the company but in general build time is anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Rush options are available for an extra fee

Can I get an ear impression taken for any manufacturers products?  

Yes, we are happy to help even if we don’t work with the company you are ordering from

Do in-ear monitors protect your hearing?  

If used properly they will allow you to listen at lower levels, but ultimately you are in control of how loud you listen to them

Do I need to have my hearing tested?  

We recommend that everyone have an annual hearing test to ensure you are not causing damage to your hearing via noise exposure.  Your hearing test will reveal a noise-induced notch if your sensory organ of hearing has been affected. Our goals are to prevent hearing loss and conserve your hearing!